Shirube no Michi

Shirube no Michi (知る辺の道)
by Konno Kita (紺野キタ)
1 volume collection of short stories

Genre: lovely dark > josei > supernatural slice of life short stories

Summary: A collection of six short stories originally published in various josei, shoujo, and seinen magazines. Story 1, Shirube no Michi (josei). Story 2, Illusion Orangery (josei). Story 3, Heaven’s Fairy (seinen). Story 4, Foxfire (josei): An adopted girl comes to terms with her family. Story 5, Box (seinen): An abused girl loses her mother. Story 6, Angel’s Ladder (shoujo): The story of the relationship of two sisters — one sickly and abusive, and the other struggling to cope with her.

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Chapter 1: released by Forte Atrox
Chapter 2: released by Weekend Betsuender
Chapter 3: released by Weekend Betsuender
Chapter 4 (Foxfire): released
Chapter 5 (Box): released
Chapter 6 (Angel’s Ladder): released
Series complete!

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