Usagi Shouzoku

Usagi Shouzoku (うさぎ装束)
by Tsurimaki Nodoka (釣巻和)
1 volume collection of oneshots

Genre: lovely strange dark > seinen > fantasy drama psychological, some romance

Summary: A collection of  the author’s early works, some of which are light boy’s love. Story 1, Rabbit Costume: In a closed-off town, there is a strange disease in which people disappear along with all memory of them. Story 2, Midnight Shopping District: Animals and gods and people meet, part, and find love in a fantastical shopping district. Story 3: A conversation between a human and inhuman. Story 4+5: A man remembers an old roommate; a generation later, a boy muses on his grandfather’s life. Story 6: A boy on his way home stumbles onto something not quite human. Story 7: Mysterious things keep happening around one particular school. Story 8: There’s a peculiar bar that teachers frequent.

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Story 1: released
Story 2: released
Story 3: released
Story 4: released
Story 5: released
Story 6: released
Story 7: released
Story 8: released
Manga complete!

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  1. yên khê says:

    Hi, I wonder in chapter 5 who is his mom talking to? Is that his grandma? Their conversation confuses me.

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