A lovely Halloween.

103116oneshotIf there was ever a holiday meant for LSD, it’s Halloween. That said, when we sat back to plan something special for today, most oneshots we had with Halloween tropes were rather lovely. And so, rather than creepy monsters and blood and gore, we have sweet slice of life tales about witches, wizards, and wolf-men 🙂 I hope everyone enjoys!

Cotton is a very short story about an insecure witch by Mogusu, an unscanlated author. Ookami Ningen is another Nagabe work, this time featuring a man-wolf and his pet project. Ookami to Hitsuji is a longer story about a boy with powers who ran away from them, by the unscanlated author Morino Kikori (who is now on my watch list). Huggles to Kurenai for all the raws, Kurenai and Den for trans, and Ximena and Zakkyliar on edits.

Cotton no Mahou [DL]
Ookami Ningen to Ningen Ookami [DL]
Ookami to Hitsuji [DL]

103116minato We also have our regular slate of releases to complement the Halloween oneshots. More Inai Boku, another Gunjou oneshot, and the first chapter of a new series, Minato Machi Neko Machi. Minato happens to be about “witches” as well, but of a rather different sort. In a small port town, lonely women find comfort in the friendship of cats who have their own special brand of magic. If you enjoy melancholy tales with warm and fuzzy moments (and cats!), this is one you’ll want to check out. Haremless picked it out to translate, and Kat jumped in to edit. It’s a 3-volume series, and we hope to release 1-2 chapters/month.

Minato Machi Neko Machi v01 c01 [DL]
Inai Boku wa Hotarumachi ni Iru v01 c04 [DL]
Gunjou Gakusha v03 c28 [DL]

All that said — have a Happy Halloween! (Or just, you know, eat some candy.)

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