First of all, I have to establish that I love gritty action seinen manga (without fanservice). Love them. That said, that particular genre is widely scanlated by a handful of other groups, leaving me with almost no potential projects (feel free to suggest any unscanlated manga you think might fit the bill — especially by lesser-known artists). They also tend to be long, which puts them out of reach for this little group. And so, when I find something like Arikai Annu — a sci-fi action seinen oneshot with GIANT INSECTS — I naturally jump on it. It’s fun, strange, and even ever so slightly deep. This is a new mangaka, so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets a series at some point!

Arikai Annu [DL]

Huggles to Elemhunter yet again for raws, and Ximena for being insane with the edit. I was like, “Damn, just subtitle those huge sfxs O.o”, and she was like, “SFXssssssss~!” It turned out gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Ishitori says:

    I was going to read this until I saw GIANT INSECTS (๏ผ›ยดะ”`)

    Asking for suggestions?? You fool–!!
    Haha, actually I don’t have too many that fit the bill. :'( They’re all too looong~ Since this is originally Chinese, I don’t know if it has a Japanese version or not. But, things. Is this too long? ๐Ÿ˜ก

    Since it’s ongoing, it might end up being too long, but I’d probably kill a few people to read more 3×3 Eyes. (IT TOTALLY EXISTS!!! AMAZON EVEN HAS IT… AMAZON…!!) Is Illuminati still doing this?? ( ยด_ใ‚`)

  2. Ishitori says:


  3. Saint says:

    Aw yes, giant insects! Nausicaa really spurred my love for this type of story, though I still have a slight fear of them in real life, heh. Looks like Ishitori provided a solid list already, but if you’re looking for seinen action recs for personal reading, I’ve compiled a few. (1 volume – ongoing) (4 volumes – ongoing) (4 volumes – complete) (1 volume – complete) (5 volumes – ongoing) (5 volumes – complete) (3 volumes – complete)

    • kalendel says:

      Glad you like!

      I’m actually an oddball: I don’t read manga unless I’m translating it. I’ll skim it to see if it looks good, and then decide to scanlate it based on that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Highly motivating to finish translating something when you want to see how it ends yourself!

      Nice suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve bookmarked the first two ongoing ones (to re-check when they’re complete), and I’ll try to track down some public raws for Grandeek to check it out more (high fantasy tends to be… meh…). Tar Trip seems to be a collection of older works by the artist (which I hesitate over), but I’m nabbing raws for his Moon Lost to check out (and yet… his art style isn’t super-appealing to me). Also bookmarked Yuubaku (though that might have too much sexual violence for me…) to check out later. Virtus has no samples anywhere — but if it’s anything like his newest work, it’ll have too much gratuitous violence.

      But Levius… now, that looks absolutely beautiful. His art, wow. I found some public v1 raws to look at, and I’ll put it on our potentials list But Levius… now, that looks absolutely beautiful. His art, wow. I found some public v1 raws to look at, and I’ll put it on our potentials list. I hesitate a little over the sports aspect (ugh, sports competitions), but if it doesn’t focus too much on that… could be awesome!

      …oh! But it looks like Tar Trip is on Illuminati’s future list, and now that I’ve checked Illuminati’s secret to-maybe-do list, Levius is on there =D So cancel that, haha.


  4. TreePeony says:

    Thanks for this oneshot!

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